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From Sleeping on the Ground to Wall Shelves: The Evolution of Bedroom Storage

The way we store items in our bedroom has come a long way. From sleeping on the ground and storing all our items in a single chest, to adopting the idea of using cabinets and drawers, to today’s modern wall shelves. The evolution of bedroom storage has been remarkable, with numerous successes and failures along the way. This article will take a closer look at these developments.

Sleeping on the Ground

Historically, people slept on the ground, on straw mats or animal hides. Storage was often in the form of a single chest. This simple arrangement had the advantage of being easy to move around, however, space was limited. People had to get creative with how they stored their belongings and clothes, which led to the invention of various innovative solutions.

Cabinets and Drawers

With advances in craftsmanship and technology, bed frames with storage spaces and cabinets with drawers became more popular. This allowed people to store their belongings in separate compartments, keeping them organized and clean. The greatest advantage was that it allowed for more storage space in a relatively compact area. However, the downside to bed frames with storage was the inconvenience of having to bend down to access anything stored beneath the bed.

Introduction of Wall Shelves

Finally, we come to Wall Shelves. Wall shelves have come a long way, from simple wooden shelves to today’s modern marvels. Wall shelves offer a multitude of advantages over other storage solutions. For one, they are great space savers as they are mounted on walls, leaving the floor space open. They also provide a minimalist and clean look to a room.

The modern advances in wall shelves include shelves with in-built LED lighting, adjustable shelving, and color options. One of the greatest advantages of wall shelves is ease of access. Wall shelves are typically mounted at eye-level or above, with the result that items can be easily accessed without having to bend down.

Failures and Successes

While there have been numerous developments in bedroom storage, each with numerous successes, there have also been several failures. For example, the Murphy Bed. The Murphy Bed was an innovative idea that allowed people to quickly and easily convert their bed into a shelf, desk or couch. However, it was difficult and awkward to use and in the end, didn’t stand the test of time.

Another failure was the drawer bed. This was a bed frame that had drawers attached on the sides or at the foot of the bed. The idea was to provide easy storage and organization of items. However, this storage solution proved to be too bulky and took up too much room in the bedroom.

The success stories in bedroom storage are many and range from cabinets with drawers to wall shelves. The wall shelves, in particular, have been a great success, as they provide a sleek and minimalistic appearance combined with a high degree of functionality and versatility.


The decision to choose a bedroom storage solution is dependent on one’s needs and preferences. Despite numerous advancements, no one storage solution is perfect for everyone. However, one cannot deny the progress that has been made over the years. From sleeping on the ground to wall shelves, we’ve come a long way, with each solution building on the previous.

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